The History of the Jeffrey W. Glendinning Funeral Home

In 1938 C. L. Clark bought the funeral home from funeral director Harry Smart and continued to operate the funeral home in downtown Port Rowan. In 1946 there was a fire in the downtown location. The building was repaired but Mr. Clark started to look for another property in Port Rowan.

In 1964 he purchased the home at 36 Front St., Prot Rowan. After some renovations he also built a 180 seat chapel onto the building in 1965. This was very rare in the funeral industry at the time and Mr. Clark could see the need for a large area for families to use at the funeral home.

Unfortunately in 1966 C. Leslie Clark died at the age of 55 years.

His wife Olive continued to operate the funeral home until 1968 when she sold the business to Wm. Hammond. Mr. Hammond operated the business until 19 when the Ostrander Funeral Home of Tillsonburg purchased the business. Again a fire in 1979 destroyed the old part of the funeral home but the chapel was spared from the flames. The building was redesigned and rebuilt to fill the needs of the changing community.

Ostrander’s continued to operate the business until January 2002 when Jeffrey W. Glendinning purchased the business.

Since January 2002 the Jeffrey W. Glendinning Funeral Home has continued to serve the community with personal service and has updated and completely redecorated the funeral home. We strive to provide the highest level of care and compassion to each and every family we have the honour on serving.


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